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Temperature Wind Rain
Temperature: 53.5 °F
Heat Index 57.1 °F
Wind Chill 53.5 °F
Temp Rate: -0.25 °F
Temperature High / Low Data
Hi: 54.3 °F
Lo: 53.1 °F
Hi: 75.5F
Lo: 40.8F
Today's Other High / Low Data
Windchill: Lo: 51.7 °F
Heat Index: Hi: 57.6 °F
Hi: 46.3 °F
Lo: 43.3 °F
Hi: 75 %
Lo: 67 %
Hi: 29.87 in
Lo: 29.79 in
0 mph  mph
Gusting to
0 mph mph
Direction: SW ()
Avg speed: 0 mph
Peak Gust: 7 mph   1:54am
Rain Today: 0.00 in
Hourly Rate: 0.000 in/hr
24 Hour: 0.00 in
This Month: 6.36 in
Yearly Total: 18.02 in
Snow 2013-2014: 1/4"
Humidity & Barometer Almanac
Humidity: 75 %
Dew Point: 45.8 °F
Barometer: 29.79 in
Baro Trend: Steady
Sunrise: 6:48am
Sunset: 8:12pm
Moonrise: 4:27am
Moonset: 4:44pm
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Last Update: 4/25/14 at 3:52am

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