My weather station is located 2 1/2 miles south west of Tallulah Falls, Ga at an elevation of 1690 ft above sea level. The station is a Davis Weather Vantage Pro 2 with data logger. The data logger is set to store the data at 10 minute intervals and it automatically downloads to my computer every 24 hours. The download is prompted by a combination of WeatherLink (by Davis Instruments) and Virtual Weather Station (VWS by Ambient Software). WeatherLink is the software that comes with the data logger, and basically controls the logger. VWS is a third party software solution for getting the data in a presentable format, and to the internet. VWS also controls WeatherLink and instructs it to generate reports and download the data from the logger at given times. Most of the data on these pages are compiled using VWS and WeatherLink software packages. My station reports the following basic outside data:

Temperature / Humidity
Dew Point / Wind Chill
Wind Direction / Wind Speed
Rainfall / Barometer

Pictures of Vantage Pro 1 sensors and mounting **Will be updated soon to reflect Vantage Pro 2**

In addition to outputting this data, it also stores the high and low of each set (except barometer) from the last time the station was reset. The data output listed above is only part of what this machine is capable of. This is a highly sensitive station and is extremely accurate sporting an accuracy of + / - 1 °F on temperature readings. The anemometer is very sensitive as well turning with as little as only 1 Mph of wind. The measurement details on my sensor locations are as follows:

Temperture/Humidity: 5.5 ft off of the ground, 100 ft from the house located inside of a Solar Powered Fan Aspirated Davis Radiation Shield.

Rain Collector: 5.5 ft high and mounted in the same location as the Temp/Hum sensor.

Anemometer (wind sensor): 34 ft from the ground and 10 ft above the peak of the roof of my house.

Any info on the above sensors or a complete Weather Monitor II like I own, can be found at Davis Instruments Website.

SA Sept 27, 2005