The picture below is of the FARS (Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield) which houses the Temperature and Humidity sensor. Also shown in this picture is the Rain Gauage (the black cone on top of the shield).
Temperatrue, Humidity and Rain
The picture below is of the Anemometer and the anemometer transmitter (mounted near the roof on the house, well below the anemometer.
Anemometer and Transmitter
The picture below is of the console. It has many features and configurations, including graphs. I intend to take a better picture of this in the future.
The Console with Current Weather
The picture below is of my house. The anemometer is on top, but barely visible in this picture. The Temp/Hum/Rain sensors are located behind the house.
My House with Anemometer on the Roof
*I now use DSL to upload the weather data* - The picture below is of the satellite dish that I no longer use. It is a DirecWay two way satellite connection. It was very fast downloading, but unfortunately it was limited to near dial up speeds when sending files. Yes, that is snow on the dish and believe it or not, the thing was still transmitting and receiving even with all that snow on there. The DSL I now have allows quicker updates to the site for text data as well as images.
Satellite Dish, now Obsolete

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